Ah lala it’s really my luck. As long as it lasts. A few days ago I pushed the curiosity and the desire for audiophile discoveries to a small village close to home called Aubonne.Charmant for the rest. There is a manufacture of loudspeakers and tube amps. A family business founded in 1971 by Mr. Jean Maurer. Today the adventure continues and he works with his son Marc. What attracted me to their home is that it is a family of true inventors and designers in the field of audio. They do almost everything themselves and know their devices on the fingertips on all levels. They are as intransigent in the manufacture as in the final control of the quality of their products. And when I say uncompromising I weigh my words sincerely. This is goldsmithery audio I would say rather. And Swiss Made which does not spoil anything. I was received royally by the son of Mr. Jean Maurer, Marc. Thanks to him I was treated to a VIP visit of the manufactory and to a very nice listening session of all that I wanted like style of music. I was able to ask him all the most absurd questions about the world of a factory and about audio in general. He even turned me into a quasi DJ so I could live a beautiful and very good musical moment. No need to tell you that I’m not ready to forget this highly musical sharing and that I thank him very much. Beyond the purely technical aesthetic and musical aspect what I liked and touched concerning this manufacture c is that it has preserved and claimed a human face.And it is something that counts for me especially in the current times .I have written this text as a kind of respectful tribute to their daily dedication and their love of work well done.They do all this so that we listeners can have fun and joy by listening to our favorite works and this for many years.